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Hoera, Stampix is live in Nederland!

De Stampix App is nu ook beschikbaar in Nederland. 🇳🇱 … Read more

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WeForest & Stampix

At Stampix, we do everything we can to protect nature. We make daily efforts to reduce our CO2 emissions. We do this in various ways, every effort, large or small, counts and helps. … Read more

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Send a postcard via Stampix

A postcard is a nice surprise and a loving gesture, so let’s keep sending postcards to each other! 💌

Because if there is one thing this crisis made us realise, it’s how much we need each other.💕

Good news, because from now on you can also send postcards via Stampix! 🤩 … Read more

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Musthave apps for parents

Er bestaan duizenden apps die echt onmisbaar zijn voor ouders, wij hebben de belangrijkste voor je uitgelicht. … Read more

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How printing photos can make you a happier person

We take photos to remember things, to capture a memory or a moment. 📸

Discover how printing photos can make you a happier person. … Read more

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Stampix favorite product

We often get the question which products can be printed via the Stampix App. That’s why we asked every Stampix team member to pick their favorite product and explain why they like it. 📸 … Read more

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Quaran-tijd voor iets leuks!

Creatieve ideeën om je thuis niet te vervelen: activiteiten voor met de kinderen, virtuele reis rond de wereld en fotografietips … Read more

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Stay in and get creative!

Gebruik deze tijd nuttig en get creative! … Read more

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Stampix FUS- fair free printing together

Stampix is a free app that allows you to print your photos for free. For everything to run smoothly, the game must of course be played fairly. That’s why we have our Fair Use Service (FUS), but what exactly do we mean by that? … Read more

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The Story of Stampix

Simon and Anton, founders of Stampix. This is the story about how it al started and how they came up with the idea for Stampix. … Read more

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