The Stampix platform

  • Connecting brands with people

    in rewarding ways

    People love their prints, and as a consequence they love the brands that offer them these prints. Reward your customers with prints and engage with them in a relevant and positive context.

  • Envelope with personal photo prints

    = 100% opening

    On average 44% of direct mail is thrown away unopened
    Stampix offers you 100% opening and happiness on your DM. We offer a new form of DM that is 100% customer centric.

  • High engagement

    multiple digital touchpoints

    People look forward to receive their prints and are therefore actively thinking about your brand. Stampix users scan the advertisement to reactivate free printing.

  • It's all about data

    the power of mobile & print combined

    Stampix captures and analyzes data to get the right message to the right person at the right moment. The customer journey starts and ends on the smartphone.

Meet Stampix in 30 sec.

brand name awareness

retention campaign

POS stimulation

data enrichment

lead generation

social media influencers

Stampix captures the moment and you enrich it with your content.

People print their beloved moments and through Stampix these moments come to life in the real world.
Thanks to our rich data you can deliver relevant and targeted content that the users will like. As a consequence, your brand becomes top of mind by engaging with the customer in an emotional context.

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